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Whatever May Come

by Kids Of Rage

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Released October 2015

Kids Of Rage is:
Quim - lead vocals
Jorge - guitar, back vocals
César - guitar, back vocals
Pol - bass, back vocals
David - drums


released October 28, 2015

All tracks and lyrics written and performed by Kids Of Rage
Recorded at BloQ.Estudi and Artegrama Studio (Barcelona – Spain).
Mixed by Ori Novella at Artegrama Studio (Barcelona – Spain).
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Portland – Oregon – USA).
Artwork by Kurti Art.
Released on Useless Pride Records (Toulouse – France).



all rights reserved


Kids Of Rage Barcelona, Spain

Hardcore band from Barcelona (Spain) Est. 2010, Influenced by bands like Comeback Kid, Down To Nothing or Bane.

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Track Name: Like Home
After all this years those friends met and stepped floors.
And all this cities, streets and places i've seen,
that means a lot to me.
And you still here, whatever may come, don't even knowing why.
And you still here, whatever may come, with no second thoughts.
And you still here, whatever may come, judging no more.
And you still here, whatever may come, feeding my core.
People met those nights that become brothers for life.
And there's no trouble can break this night roll,
the party is on, let your problems get lost.
We're just right here, and that's what it matters to us.
You can keep it real tonight, you can keep it real along your life.
And that's what matters to us.
And there's no matter to us.
Track Name: Lone in Crowd
Obsessed to get the life you really want,
blinded by your ambitions to gain
the kind of man you wanna be.
You wish you were an idol but you will still alone.
Whatever you go, always alone.
Enjoy what you have cause it won't last forever.
Tale stories can tell about you,
that fancy life you broadcast to be true
but you're not gonna get me here,
not gonna sneak me out.
You forgot the best part of human connection,
give respect for those who live their lifes with humility.
Helping each other is the way to resist.
Drop the ignorance anchor
let the hard work be the sail to guide your life.
You're like this, you're in the top of the hill just because you smashed the crowd through the pit.
The sad story is that you need to be
higher than the rest, than me.
I hope you will learn by your own mistakes made,
You do the crime, you do the time at the end.
Lone in crowd.
Real in silence, fake in loud.
Lone in crowd.
You got nothing to be proud.
Track Name: Tears I Shed
Trying to find the place where I guess that i belong
I've forced myself to stay away from all i hope for.
Drinking troubles till I can rest in peace
I found my mind with no chance to resist.
And while I receive these answers
I don't wanna know,
my life is turning darker
than the deepest part of a casket.
If I gotta live a way like this,
I will shout loud without fear.
Run away is not a solution for me.
An endless war made by my hands,
walking through desolated lands.
Too blind to see what's in front of me.
But my heart can't stop beating,
and I'm still thirsty of this life.
So blind to see what's in front of me,
but I'll rise.
Because I appraise the fallen like an opportunity,
and I'll rise.
Every tear i shed teach me how to survive,
they still bleeding for memories,
remembering how strong I am.
Track Name: Even the Fall
The ruins of our lives can tell the times we've been
kneeling and defeated.
Don't matter all love and passion
wasted day by day.
Look side to side, there's no peace ahead,
paths full of sorrow, no helpful hands.
Losing everything we've been clinging to,
missing all sacrifices we do.
There's no rest so prepare ourselfs to give the best.
Same tale with no end.
No one told you it would be easy to run,
so now, realize by your own,
take the opportunity and give it a try.
Enjoy the trip even the fall.
You already knew this
but you had to hit it even knowing the risk.
Hundred of desilutions empty our souls
but we don't care the damage that is about to be done.
Now we know, we'll reach the goal,
we have our lifetime to wake up and start again
with this strength we always get
of those who stand alone like us until the death.
So now I'm gonna take the best decisions to me,
even the fall.
we'll keep pushing, and spit our rage out.
No worries, no afraid of.
Proud to never take a step back.
Can't stop the way I live.
Can't stop the way we feel this.
Track Name: The Only One
Hard strike of life again,
another high wall to climb in this course to the end,
another lost chance,
facing the darkness trying to comprehend
why I'm turning myself frozen like ice,
rotten till roots and totally petrified.
If I can't open my wings and feel free like a bird
and fly wherever i want.
Can see the fear, but don't feel afraid.
The world makes me cold enough to take the worst decisions for me
if I know I'll still right here.
But ain't no trouble can stop my will and my sake.
No matter if i give it all in this shot,
no matter if I drop all my strain or if i fall in circles again.
And I will dig deep in my life,
and I will stand till be the only one.
To achieve own promises I missed,
to reach the top of all things that I wished.
And I will stand till be the only one.
Track Name: Wasted Time
With every single word you said
you broke into pieces the promises we had.
Why should i believe your words
if the story is ever the same?
Don't waste your time.
Don't waste your time explaining bad excuses,
who suffer all your fails it's me.
Try to find motivation in your thoughts and stop bothering me.
I leave your life, for best or worst,
to be with you I rather be alone.
It's up to me.
It's up to me, is up to you.
We can't be friends but I ignore you too.
And now there's nothing you can do.
Track Name: Talking Vultures
I forgot the words you said again,
and you can't do nothing to take it to the better way.
I've put my trust in you till today.
You worried so much
for all of this taking care of yours
and staying close to me.
That's what i used to think
until I discover there's a false friend in front of me.
Now I can see the real you in your fails,
in your words, your mistakes.
You gonna be out of my life, without a chance.
So I turn around I don't need friends like you.
I've fail to you and now I know for sure
I will pay for all I've done,
but try to understand that's not only my fault.
You can spend your time
bothering all these friends we share to fuck me up,
eating dead meat like the scavenger you are.
Don't despise what I think
because since that i was a kid,
I was ready myself for this,
to stand up against betrayal.
To learn and grow with the mistakes that i made,
feeding my life with the best of my days.
And now we are close to face
all that fucking talking vultures we have flying over our heads.
Track Name: Shined
Now I can say some things
that I never said before.
Words from my thoughts,
of our hearts.
Talk about every place i met by your side.
Where we went to see all this world that is outside,
And now I can say for sure,
no one will never know the way I remember you.
Although you're not here
I still assess your life lessons,
all we've learned together
the way we should live.
You've filled up my awareness
with your peace and gold,
and shown me the way to the truth.
No one will never know the way I remember you.
You shined on me like the summer sun,
and your brightness taught me to walk
always straight in this path.
Forever walking with this smile,
'cause I feel your memory so mine.
Now I can say some things.
In my darkest moments
I use these memories
to find the best part of me,
and keep my own direction,
to get what I believe.
So glad we cross our lifes,
time with you just flew.
no one will never know the way I remember you.
Track Name: No Turning Back
I've been by your side
For so long,
now it's time to say goodbye.
Is the time to pay the price of your treason,
pay the price of your lies.
Can you look into the mirror
feeling there is no piece of shame?
Just lying about me
and thinking you are the king in this world you've built.
You are so wrong
if you think you can betray me as you wish,
sorry friend,
but I need to say that i'm still here to watch you fall.
To say loud and clear that i'm still here.
So come on and tell me what you go to do
when your little world will go to fall on you.
Cuz I'm sure there are things that you can't explain
and there is nothing to say.
You can tell all the friends we share that i'm a liar.
But in the deepest part of my soul I feel painless and innocent.
And now i'm sure that you can't say the same.
A new beginning is coming to me,
start again with no words left unsaid.
Can feel the sunrise of a brand new day.
one of the best decisions i ever made.
Living through your lies
you become strange
and nothing you can say can stop the back of mistakes.
You can get away with lies,
you will live with no pride.
You can get away with lies,
but there's no turning back.