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The First Step

by Kids Of Rage

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released July 3, 2012

Music by: Kids Of Rage

Lyrics by: Kids Of Rage

Recorded by Aleix and Toti @ Bloq Estudis (Barcelona, ES)
May / June 2012



all rights reserved


Kids Of Rage Barcelona, Spain

Hardcore band from Barcelona (Spain) Est. 2010, Influenced by bands like Comeback Kid, Down To Nothing or Bane.

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Track Name: Step By Step
Our lifes are falling apart
I see the time
past by so fast
breaking out promises and leaving the past.
How can explain what I feel
when I try to forget all my sins?
I'm going to live my life at my way
step by step.

Just need to bleed all the thoughts from my dreams.
Just need to push away the troubles from yesterday.
To make a so huge distance to forget all that we are.
Well, I'm sure nothing can change me now.

So goodbye my friend!

But I will prefer to forget you now rather than see what you have become

Let me live my life, Let me live my life
step by step.
Track Name: Further Than My Dreams
A host of pain
running through my veins
and fears like gears
rolling over my head.
remaining in myself my mistakes
and all our fate.

Our eyes on tears
and we shut up together.
I wish and said I could do it better
and I promise to you that I vow to do my best.

But there's no time for choice,
there's no time for choice
Can't stay here without you
living in the past trying to forget our days.

Further than my dreams,
you still so far away from me,
with all that I want.
My freedom, my peace.

I don't know how I can treat you like this.
I see the price I will pay if I regret myself living in yesterday.
I don't know what I'm trying to do here. But I can't stay here
thinking in simple times
till the day I die.

I know the price that I have to pay it hurts like a stab in the middle of head.
This is our lifes further than my dreams. And now my way is nothing what it seems

I see the light
so pure and clearly.
I see your life coming to me again.
I can feel the end of my loneliness.
Back to reality I see your fight to keep myself from all of this.

But there is no time for choice,
there is no time for choice.
I watch you walking away from my life,
I broke my throat screaming without voice.

Further than my dreams.
You still so far away from me,
with all that I want.
my freedom, my peace.

There's no time for choice,
no chance for regret.
Worring about the future living in yesterday.

Don't look at me
if you don't have nothing to say,
I'm still living in the day you leave me,
with all I want, my freedom, my peace.
Further than my dreams.
Track Name: No Fate
I feel the hate
passing through my fingers,
I close my hand and I hit my chest.
The spark starts the flame.

If you think in hiding, try first to run away!
Nothing but hate
I need to scream now.
Nothing but hate bleeding from my skin.
You know that talk is cheap

and now I see your life sinking like a ship.

Who are you to say that I'm not hurting myself
when I wrote my lyrics?
Who are you to say I got no feelings?
I respect and accept the life you're choosing.
But there's no chance to regret what are you saying.
And now there is no fate for you and me here.

There is no fate
for you and me.
Track Name: F4H
How much time we will fight
face to face?
Don't worry if I get hurt,
sometimes some things could be strange.

Just remember, we make a biz
so let me fight.
I know this tale is over
but I cant leave now with this pain inside.

No, this isn't over yet. Why do you leave me?
Why do you leave me here?

Of course,
I'm still breathing
and I will fight forever for her.

Fight, fight for her.

It's late to try another chance,
just give me hope.
I'ts too soon to quit this time,
say your prayers and prepare to die.

We need to fight for our lives
till the end,
but I will be ready this time,
I hope you will enjoy my sacrifice.

No, this isn't over yet.
My fists, and my friends
are the key to success.

Of course,
I'm still breathing
and till my death breath
I will be here fighting for her.

Fight, fight for her.
Track Name: Too Late
You don't know nothing from me and my life,
And you're still laughing of our true and hard strife.
You can talk shit about us and leave lies in the air,
but don't try to win if you don't go to play fair.

For more things I know about you when I was searching the truth.
Don't make mistakes,
I just need one advice.
I Don't need to think this twice.
I'll ignore it, you must be mad
if you still thinking that I can't to change now.

There will be a day you will regreat from all of this.

But that day will be too late for your fucking truth.
And now I'ts too late for your fucking truth,
because you want to drive me sick.

For all the things I know
when I just want too keep it clear this.
And now it's too late for
your fucking truth, so here we go...